Turkish Airlines peruuttaa osan Helsingin lennoistaan marraskuussa

Turkish Airlines on ilmoittanut peruuttavansa osan Helsingin lennoistaan marraskuussa.

Peruutetut lennot ovat:

2 NOV 1761/62
7 NOV 1761/62
9 NOV 1761/62
10 NOV 1761/62
14 NOV 1761/62
21 NOV 1761/62
23 NOV 1761/62
25 NOV 1761/62
28 NOV 1761/62
30 NOV 1761/62

Yhtiö ohjeistaa asiasta näin:

We regret to inform you that below listed flights have been cancelled.

You can do involuntary re-issue to tickets without asking TK Office. Please add `inv re-issue due to schedule change ` to endorsement

You can take any available seat for the cabin class but for example business seats for economy is not allowed.

In case the new dates are not suitable for your clients you can do full refund for issued tickets. Please add `full refund due to schedule change ` to endorsement


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